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The Tale of the Little Duckling
ISBN 978-1-935759-00-3 hard cover (English)
ISBN 978-0-9841783-8-4 paperback (English)
ISBN 978-1-935759-01-0 paperback (German)
ISBN 978-1-935759-02-7 e-book (German)

The Tale of the Little Duckling - English edition Die Geschichte des suchenden Entleins
Lollopy Goes Olympic
ISBN 978-1-935759-04-1 hardcover(English)
ISBN 978-1-935759-06-5 softcover (English)
ISBN 978-1-935759-07-2 e-book (English)
Lollopy goes Olympic - English Edition
The Little Duckling's Birthday
... Sorry ...
you must ...
wait for it a little bit :-)
The Little Duckling's Recipe Book
.... for those children who want to learn to cook ... the book will come soon ....

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( Maya Angelou, American Poet, 1928)
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books - different covers
books - different covers
books - different covers
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books - different covers
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Any book that helps a child to form a habit of reading, to make reading
one of his [her] deep and continuing needs, is good for him [her].

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written by Grit Weinstein and illustrated by Miranda O'Shea
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