Hi, I'm the
little duckling, Dory.
That's me, Lollopy.
Hello,friends, I'm Sniffy.
We are twins. I'm Paddy.
And I'm Maddy.
(Author Unknown)
Paddy and Maddy
are twin-sheep.
They are  funny, easy-going and adventurous.
They like to have fun, and doing everything together.
You will never
find one without
the other.
Sniffy is a shy and quiet little piglet. But he has
a 'sweet tooth'!
Lollopy is a very smart little rabbit. He loves to help others, he always likes to know everything and is very curious and always having
some ideas.
Dory is a creative and generous
little duckling
with a big heart.
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written by Grit Weinstein and illustrated by Miranda O'Shea
Lollopy and Friends
lollopy and
A friend accepts us as we are yet helps us to be what we should.