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About the author
About the Illustrator
Children's Books - Lollopy and Friends - for the Age of 4 to 8
Grit Weinstein, the author, about the books:
"I ’ve always wanted to write a children’s story that not only entertains,
but always leaves the child with important life lessons."
Miranda O’Shea, the illustrator, about the books:
“Our children need our help along the way. I have enjoyed creating
colourful illustrations to complement the story and bring it alive.”
More information about the author - http://gritweinstein.com/
More information about the illustrator - http://www.mirandaoshea.info
Miranda O’Shea was raised in Rome, Italy for most of her early years.
She has had a mixed education with a combination of Italian and English.
From Rome, Miranda went on to further her studies in England, and studied fashion design.
Then she went on to Santa Barbara, California to study fine art and multimedia.
She has had her own greeting card business photographing architectural views around parts of the globe.
Miranda resides in South Florida with her boyfriend Gideon and has a line of baby t-shirts with her colourful illustrations.
Grit Weinstein and Miranda O'Shea
while introducing their first book
Grit Weinstein was born and raised in Germany. After finishing her education as a nurse, she moved to Zurich, Switzerland where she lived and worked as a nurse for more than 12 years.
Grit has a passion for reading, art and children. She is working on a series of children's books.
She is married to Lt. Col. Bob Weinstein, USAR-Ret, also known as the Health Colonel,
and resides with him in South Carolina.